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We have a couple of new links here on the front page to inform you about agency and let you know where to go if you have a complaint. Call or email if you are looking to buy or sell.
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Our journey started more by accident than on purpose. My husband and I had thrown around the idea of moving for about a year. Always driving around and dreaming of places we would like to buy. Problem was we didn't know the first step to take and a house to sell that wasn't in the best neighborhood.

We called on a piece of property out of curiosity and that's when Gena came to our rescue. She answered our questions on the property and unlike other Realtors that usually just hung up she started to ask us questions, what were our plans, what Realtor was selling our house. After we told her our story she made an appointment to see our house, even though we were no where near ready.

Gena's drive is what drew us to her, seeing our dream and helping us make it come true. Our house was a hard sell, needed a cash offer. After a month we found our dream home, a home we had to have. So the pressure was on, must sell first to buy. That was a very stressful time, but Gena held our hands and guided us through the process. Not only did she sell our house in time she helped us get our dream home that even a year later I can't believe this is my house.

I tell every one looking for a home, or selling about Gena, she truly makes your dreams come true.

Steve and Leslie--Springtown TX

Gena was my agent when I purchased a house in Saginaw Texas. It was the most pleasant experience I think I've had when it comes to purchasing a home. She was extremely helpful. She set me up with all the information for an inspector, foundation repair, and all of the other incidentals that go along with purchasing a house. She was always there for me when I called, and she even took a personal interest in my grandchild. Gena would be the right choice for anyone to help purchase a home she's informative, helpful, proactive, and always there for her clients.

Cathi--Saginaw TX